Guide: Using object storage


Using object storage

Create and connect to your S3 bucket

Sign in to your Morpheus dashboard and click on Infrastructure:

Choose Storage from the list:

Your bucket list is currently empty. Click on the Add button.

Choose the only available option, S3.

Take a look at the blanks to fill out:

  1. Name is the the name of the container in your Morpheus appliance (it does not has any restrictions)

  2. Access key (You have to open a ticket to the Support Team in order to obtain EC2 credentials)

  3. Secret key (You have to open a ticket to the Support Team in order to obtain EC2 credentials)

  4. Bucket name is the bucket name in OpenStack. (It must not contain any special characters, upper-case letters etc.)

  5. Create bucket - select this checkbox

  6. Use path style bucket access - select this checkbox, it is necessary in our configuration

  7. Endpoint URL - Address on the Object Storage URL in the specific WEkEO DPI e.g eumetsat, mercator, ecmwf

You can examine the provided values. Take a look at the Region label. It appears after selecting Create bucket but you should not change anything here.

Click on Save changes:

As you can see, your bucket has been created properly. Click on its name for further actions.

Uploading an object to your bucket

Your bucket does not contain any object at the moment. Click on the Add button.

You can upload files by using Add file button. Each file is added to the list above.
Click on Done to save changes.

Your object has been uploaded correctly. Click on Actions for any interaction.

You can download this object to your local hard drive.