System Status


System status:

All systems operating nominally.


Planned maintenance:

There is no planned maintenance this week.


System status history:

06/05/2020 23:00 CET - Downtime of 2 hours that may affect WEkEO systems (planned maintenance).

15/04/2020 23:00 CET - Downtime of 30 minutes that may affect WEkEO systems (planned maintenance).

14/04/2020 9:30 CEST - Downtime of 1 hour that may affect the data access (planned maintenance).

03/04/2020-08/04/2020 - An issue is preventing some support requests sent via the web portal from reaching the helpdesk.

12/03/2020 18:30 CEST - Downtime of 30 minutes that may interrupt the data access chain (planned maintenance).