Guide: Creating and accessing an instance


Creating and accessing an instance

Create instance

Before creating the instance, make sure you have configured the user settings — please refer to this guide.

To add a new instance, go to Provisioning > Instances and press the Add button.

After pressing the button, the Create instance window should appear.

In the Type section, select the type of image for your instance. By choosing OpenStack type in the next step you will be able to choose images from the selected OpenStack.

Then press the Next button.

In the Group section select the group, cloud and enter the name of the new instance.

Then press the Next button.

In the Configure section you can:

  • Plan - choose a plan for your instance (e.g. xsmall),
  • Volumes - select the Local option,
  • Networks - select your network,
  • Availability zone - select the nova option,
  • Security group - for example: manually created security group allow ssh allows connection via ssh,
  • Floating IP - select the external option.

By default, each local volume is of the SSD type.

Then press the Next button.

In the Configure section you can see a summary of the entire configuration. Finally press the Complete button.

After the successful creation operation, the new instance should be visible in the instance menu.

Access your new instance

You can access the instance via the Morpheus console just go to Provisioning > Instances
select the Consoles tab in the instance menu.

You can also access the instance via ssh using the command:

ssh -i <private_key> <user>@<floating_ip>

You can check the floating IP of your instances in the instance menu in the VMS section.

You can check the username in two places. Both configurations can occur simultaneously. When you create a new instance, two keys will be inserted.

In the upper right corner click on your username, then select the User Settings option (Linux/Windows Settings)

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